April 22 , 2019

The first longer warm weekend before the holidays is getting closer. After a snowy winter and rainy spring, we are waiting for the long May weekend. Taking three days off you can get up to 9 days of holiday! Sunny weather, beautiful nature with blooming trees and flowers, and relax in the garden. What more could you want? Below are a few our suggestions for spending a weekend in Zakopane: Read more

long weekend zakopane

November 26 , 2018

The highland New Year’s day traditions are still vivid in Podhale. There is a lot of interesting customs that we would like to tell you about. Read more

New years eve zakopane

October 15 , 2018

Christmas holiday’s in Zakopane are magical. Snow-covered streets, beautiful decorations and sleigh rides with torches. With every second inn one can hear highlanders’ singles and offer hot mullions for cold inns in Krupówki. There is a unique Christmas atmosphere. Read more


October 01 , 2018

As every year, we invite you for a New Year’s Eve in our large spacious cottage near Zakopane. Villa Gorsky is located in a quiet and picturesque Poronin near Zakopane. It’s an excellent location for relaxing in the winter scenery outside the city. In the neighborhood there is only our our family house. Read more

September 20, 2018

We have a beautiful, warm autumn this year. The temperature during the day matches that in the holidays and sunny days allow for a lot of outdoor activities.  Only  cold evenings remind us of autumn.To relax after a busy vacation, we decided to visit our new partner offering an unusual spa package. Read more

spa-zakopane- atractions

Autumn 27, 2018

The Mountain Folklore Festival lasting from 16 August has just ended in Zakopane. It was already the 50th edition. As every year, many bands from around the world came to present their dance skills; these included dance groups from… Read more


May 21 , 2018

Beautiful architecture of Podhale attracts more and more guests every year. Highlander houses in Zakopane have become a very popular option for accommodation for a dozen or so people. It is a great alternative for larger groups seeking private leisure. Read more

Zakopane house

April 05 , 2018

Going out of town for the weekend is a great alternative for spending nice a time together. Taking off a few days from work or duties will positively affect health and well-being.. Read more


March 26, 2018

Easter is a special time of the year. Usually, we spend it with family or friends. There are many wonderful rites and customs in Podhale,Poland, which are passed down from generation to generation. Many of them are practiced today. Pre-Christmas Easter begins with a big fast on Ash Wednesday. Read more


Highland Parade

Feburary 28 , 2018

Last Sunday of February 25th. 2018 wewent to see Gazda Parade. It is an event that takes place every year in the mountains, every weekend in a different commune. Read more


Snowmobile Expedition

Feburary 20 , 2018

A few days ago we went for a snowmobile ride with one of our partner; Snowdoo. Read more



January 25 , 2018

Skiing is one of the main sports attractions in the winter season in our region. We are visited by a lot of guests ready for winter madness on the slopes 🙂 Read more


December 27 , 2017

Zakopane as a winter capital of the Tatras is a very popular destination for spending the winter holidays. A wide range of attractions for both adults and children attracts a lot of tourists from year to year. Beautiful views of the Tatras, many ski lifts for beginners and advanced skiers and evenings accompanied by highlander live music Read more

December 16 , 2017

Christmas in the tatra mountains are wonderful; snow squeaks under the feet,  beautiful patterns created on the windows by frost, and crackling wood in the fireplace. It’s a time for sleigh rides, sipping mulled wine and a family atmosphere. It is a wonderful time that is worth spending in our Polish mountains. We invite you for a holiday week to our cozy Villa Gorsky cottage. Read more

Zakopane-for christmas

November 30 , 2017

Preparations for New Year’s Eve begin a few weeks earlier. For many, this is the most important event of the year. Some people are looking for crazy fun, others will spend time with their family watching a fireworks display and a TV report from the New Year’s concert. Regardless of your preferences, we invite you to spend New Year’s Eve with us. Read more

First snow

October 30 , 2017

Who would have thought that whole Zakopane within few hours would be fill up with the snow. Surely no one was prepared for such madness! 🙂 More pictures

Take a sled or ski and visit us 🙂


In the warmth of the fireplace

October 26 , 2017

When it rains all the time, the temperature drops to zero and at 4pm it is already dark, many of us catch the autumn chandra. Read more


June 01 , 2017

We invite you to spend your holiday in our beautiful chalet located near Zakopane. Peaceful atmosphere of the place will give you chance to rest from the hustle and bustle and everyday life. . Read more

Beautiful Moments In The Mountains

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