Long weekend-may

The first longer warm weekend before the holidays is getting closer. After a snowy winter and rainy spring, we are waiting for the long May weekend. Taking three days off you can get up to 9 days of holiday! Sunny weather, beautiful nature with blooming trees and flowers, and relax in the garden. What more could you want? Below are a few our suggestions for spending a weekend in Zakopane.


Weekend starts the grilling season.  Omnipresent aromas of grilled delicacies, joyful conversations and tapping glasses with drinks. These are the signs of a picnic. In our garden you will find a great barbecue house with a real fireplace and a large table, where all the prepared dishes will fit without fear. The house is closed so even a cold evening will not finish the meeting prematurely. For fans of outdoor grilling, we can offer a comfortable fireplace for grilling and stumps. In order to prepare traditional dishes for a barbecue, we propose our traditional, regional dishes in the grill version like oscypek with cranberries or moskol with garlic sauce and for drinking we offer highlander tinctures that can be bought just around the corner.


Picnic is a unique opportunity to recharge your batteries after the winter. Holiday full of food, music and friends. There is no better way to relax. A large terrace with a comfortable relaxation suite with a view of the Polish and Slovak Tatras is great for evening meetings. At your request , we can organize a musical setting with real highlander band with traditional songs, which will make every family meeting more pleasant.

Bicycle trip – architecture trip

With the warmer days, we can observe more and more bikes in the area. Near Villa there is a bicycle rental, we will help you organize an unforgettable bike ride with beautiful views of the Mountains. We recommend taking picnic baskets with blankets and snacks for such an expedition. So prepared you can go on a day trip and break a picnic in an outdoor mountain nook. Bike is a simple way to have fun, explore the area from a different perspective and improve the condition before summer. A cycling expedition can also be combined with visiting local monuments. In the area there are several bicycle routes where you can admire the pearls of local architecture; old churches, traditional highlander houses or charming roadside chapels.

Jazz spring

This is already the 16th edition of the jazz festival in Zakopane, which will take place on 26/04 5/05/1/09. The event is co-organized by partners from several European cities as; Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The festival will start with a concert of gospel music, which will be played by Polish band Ewa Uryga & Opole Gospel Choir and from the United States – The Jackson Singers. The main stage will be located on Dolna Równia Krupowa, but the concerts will also be played throughout the city in pubs, churches, hotels or Teatrim Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz. During the festival there will also be a congress of old cars. Jan Ripper.


In our offer you will find a spacious, boutique Villa and a beautiful apartment for couples. We guarantee a great atmosphere, beautiful, unique interiors and many attractions. Zakopane for a weekend is always a good choice. Architecture, climate and rest in the blossom of nature is a guarantee of a pleasant stay. We invite you for a picnic to Zakopane.

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