In the Warmth of the fireplace

When it rains all the time, the temperature drops to zero and at 4pm it is already dark , many of us catch the autumn chandra. We don’t have the energy to get out of bed, not mentioning work or duties.

Still autumn is a great opportunity to relax; To read the book or recall the memories of the past holidays 🙂 A good idea to spend the evening is drinking hot wine by the fireplace (we also offer tea with electricity- our traditional mountain drink) or catch up with the upcoming TV series.


There is no better way to warm up than using a sauna, which in addition to the heating properties cleanses the body well. It also improves circulation and skin appearance.

Another way to spend autumn evening is playing games; Famous ones like monopoly or memory can provide entertainment until late night hours.

If the weather is good, we can also recommend mountain tours, such as a walk in the Chocholowska Valley in Zakopane. In the higher parts of the mountains there is usually snow, so the trail can be dangerous.

Autumn is one of the less pleasant seasons. The days are getting colder and the desire to leave the house drops with each passing day. It does not have to be this way. Autumn has also beautiful color, less tourists on the trails or in besieged places as the geothermal therms. It’s time to relax, regenerate and prepare for the winter season. We can’t wait anymore 🙂

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