Autumn in the Tatras


All shades of red, green and gold all around. And here and there even the first white accents. This is what autumn looks like in the Tatras. According to many, our mountains look the most beautiful then. This is the time when you can enjoy breathtaking landscapes in peace and quiet. However, another advantage is the lack of crowds on the trails.


Richness of colors


Autumn is a time not only for reflection, but also for awakening dreams. This is favored by a fairy-tale aura. Albert Camus stated that “Autumn is the second spring where every leaf is a flower.” When we see what autumn looks like in the Tatras – we fully agree with this statement.

The feast of various colors, accompanied by deer singing during the rutting rut, can make the toughest hikers, and even native Highlanders, feel like goosebumps :). On the other hand, the brilliance of the delightful autumn sun against the clear blue mountain sky allows you to replenish vitamin D deficiencies before winter.


An unforgettable trip


The beauty of picturesque landscapes is at your fingertips. For the fullest experience, we recommend a trip along the trail of Czerwone Wierchy. They owe their name to the phenomenon that occurs in autumn – the fading of the rock lichen. It is not technically difficult, but it is quite long and requires a lot of time. It’s best to book a full day for this trip. However, we assure you that it will not be worth it!

We can start the trip from Kiry in Kościelisko, where we leave the car in the parking lot. From here, first the green and then the red trail go uphill, through Chuda Turnia (1858 m above sea level) and Twarda Kopa (2026 m above sea level) straight to Ciemniak (2096 m above sea level). It is the first of the four peaks of Czerwone Wierchy. The further hike leads along the ridge. It offers stunning views of the Polish (left) and Slovakian (right) Tatras. The higher parts of the mountains at this time of the year may already be covered with white fluff. Therefore, it does not hurt to stock up on crampons for shoes.

Another peak that we reach is Krzesanica (2122 m above sea level) – and we will not be higher during this trip. After a short rest to admire the views, snack on a nutritious sandwich and a sip of hot tea with juice or lemon, we have a longer walk to the next peak – Małołączniak (2096 m above sea level). From here, with a brisk step, accompanied by the beauty of the surrounding nature, we hike to the fourth peak – Kopa Kondracka (2005 m above sea level).


From here, we can go on a fairly long journey along the ridge to Kasprowy Wierch. Here the ropeway will take us to Kuźnice – but we suggest you come back for a car 🙂 Therefore, we go along the yellow trail to Giewont. If someone else has the strength for a more demanding climb, they can jump on it like a mountain goat (which you can often meet on this trail) – for which you need to plan an additional hour. However, if we have enough walking and our legs are calling to go home, then we go back to Kiry along the yellow trail through the Valley of Mała Łąka, and then through the Kościeliska Valley.


A hike for a lower appetite


Our mountains have such a feature that they provide a wonderful experience in every place. Therefore, for those who want charming landscapes, but do not want to spend the whole day on them, we recommend a trip to Nosal. It is a mountain peak that ends with the Kasprowy Wierch ridge. Using an easy, but slightly steep approach, in just 40 minutes from Kuźnice we reach a height of 1206 m above sea level. From here we can admire the view of the knight resting proudly – Giewont, as well as the picturesque panorama of Zakopane. This route is also suitable for children, who will surely have great satisfaction from reaching the known summit.


Romantic relaxation


After a day of effort, we suggest you find time for blissful relaxation. Therefore, at Villa Gorsky we have prepared ourselves excellently for this. The largest house offers you a large bathtub in one of the bedrooms – perfect for a romantic evening in the foam and with a glass of wine.

In our garden there is also a hot tub and a dry sauna. Both facilities provide a respite for tired muscles and pleasant moments. The second sauna is available to guests in the largest house, Villa Gorsky.

All our houses have a large stone fireplace that gives a unique character and is the heart of the house. With its flames, we will warm our bodies and provide ourselves with an excellent mood.

At the special request of our guests, we will organize a visit of the chef, we will provide a greeting cake or flowers to welcome you.

So we invite you to get to know the available attractions and see our gallery 🙂


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