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We have a beautiful, warm autumn this year. The temperature during the day matches that in the holidays and sunny days allow for a lot of outdoor activities. Only cold evenings remind us of autumn.To relax after a busy vacation, we decided to visit our new partner offering an unusual spa package. It was a romantic bath in the Beer Spa in Zakopane. This place offers two-person stays, in several packages about which you can find out directly on the Spa website. It is also possible to organize a stag or hen night, or even an engagement.

Spa package

We had a choice of bathing in beer, wine and goat’s milk. Baths using these ingredients have been used in bathhouses since time immemorial. Both beer and wine as well as milk are known for their medicinal properties. We chose the first option because of its popularity. Beer baths are popular not only among men but also ladies who appreciate the health and beauty effects on the complexion and well-being. The skin after this treatment becomes rejuvenated, brightened, the bath also has a good effect on the blood circulation. Our package begins with a 10 minute stay in the infrared sauna. This type of screening is recommended for people suffering from back pain, joint disease, discopathy, peripheral circulation disorders or post-traumatic conditions of the musculoskeletal system. It also has a good effect on patients with diabetes or obesity. The treatment prepares the skin for further rituals; it will absorb more nutrients. Such a sauna is also a great option for those who do not like high temperatures in dry saunas. The next stage was a bath in a wooden log with the addition of beer, during which we could also choose several regional beers for tasting. The tub was equipped with hydromassage equipment.

The water was beautifully highlighted in green which refers to chromotherapy or color treatment. It has been known since ancient times, where the effect of colors on the well-being or life energy of a person was noticed. Color therapy is currently used in unconventional medicine. While waiting for the last stage of the Spa session, which was a relaxing massage of the whole body, we lounged on a bench lined with hay.


Beer Spa in Zakopane is a great option to relax and spend romantic moments together. The spa is also perfect for improving your mood during the upcoming autumn days. The interiors are cozy, everywhere is dim and the only light is candles and illuminated water in logs. Relaxing music in the background completes the romantic atmosphere. Friendly service, unusual relax and rejuvenating treatments and would definitely recommend use of their services. We have had great spa days in Zakopane. For the guests of our Villa we have prepared discount vouchers for two-room stays.

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