Morskie Oko

– the picturesque heart of the Polish Tatra Mountains

One of the most popular attractions in the Polish Tatra Mountains is the famous Morskie Oko. This amazing lake lying surrounded by majestic mountain peaks attracts tourists from all over the world with its charm and beauty. Morskie Oko is the second largest lake in the Tatra Mountains in terms of area and volume. It lies at an altitude of 1,395 meters above sea level in the Fish Creek Valley (Dolina Rybiego Potoku) at the foot of the mighty Mięguszowiec Peaks. If you’re looking for the perfect place for a relaxing walk with your family, Morskie Oko is sure to meet your expectations.

The route leading to Morskie Oko is one of the most popular and at the same time most beautiful mountain trails in Poland. It begins at the Palenica Białczańska glade, where you can leave your car in the parking lot (or come from Zakopane by bus) and start your adventure in the mountains by following the red trail.

It’s worth buying a parking ticket in advance through the Tatra National Park website. Without it, you may run out of space for your car. Online you can also purchase a Park entrance ticket, which will save a lot of time that you would otherwise have to spend in a long queue at the ticket office. The trail leads through the scenic areas of the Tatra National Park, making the entire hike full of stunning landscapes.


Unparalleled views


You will notice from the very beginning of your trip that the Tatra Mountains offer unparalleled views. The mountain panorama enchants with its wildness and majesty. In good weather, we have the opportunity to enjoy a view of one of the most beautiful areas of the Tatras – the White Water Valley (Dolina Białej Wody). Among the many visible peaks, we can see Gerlach lying on the Slovak side with an altitude of 2655 m. It is the highest peak in the Tatras, but also in the whole Carpathian Mountains. Each step leads to new, breathtaking landscapes, including the mighty waterfalls – Mickiewicz’s Waterfalls. The trail leads through mountain streams and forests, which make the walk even more enjoyable for the whole family.

After a few hours of hiking, you will reach the very destination – Morskie Oko. This place is extraordinary. Once you stand at the shore of the lake, you will feel as if you are in another world. Its tranquil surface reflects the surrounding peaks, creating a unique image that sticks in your memory forever. The lake is surrounded by massive rock walls that give it mystery and charm.


Base camp for larger expeditions


Morskie Oko is not only an ideal place for a family walk, but also an excellent base for those looking for a more demanding challenge. On the shore of the lake is the Stanislaw Staszic PTTK Hostel, where you can rest, have a tasty meal and gain energy before returning, or stay overnight. It is also a starting point for numerous mountain trails that lead to other attractions in the Tatra Mountains, such as the Valley of Five Polish Lakes or, for the more adventurous and experienced, Rysy – Poland’s highest peak reaching 2499 meters above sea level. Climbing this amazing mountain is a real challenge and an unforgettable experience.

It is worth noting that the route to Morskie Oko is available most of the year. In summer, visitors can enjoy the green panorama dotted with multicolored blooming flowers. In winter, on the other hand, the place is transformed into a real kingdom of ice and snow. The possibility to visit Morskie Oko at any time of the year makes it an ideal destination for tourists with different preferences.


For all seasons


A visit to the Tatra Mountains and Morskie Oko is not only a contact with nature, but also a chance to get a taste of Tatra culture and tradition. In Zakopane and the surrounding area there are numerous places where you can learn about the life of highlanders, their customs and crafts. You can taste regional dishes such as oscypek or kwaśnica, buy souvenirs made by local artisans, or enjoy numerous attractions.

The Tatra Mountains and Morskie Oko are accessible to tourists of all fitness levels. There are many trails with varying degrees of difficulty, so both beginners and more experienced hikers will find something for themselves. However, it is important to be properly prepared and equipped with the necessary equipment so that you can enjoy the hike in a safe manner.

If you are still wondering whether it is worth visiting Morskie Oko and the Tatra Mountains, the answer is yes! This magical place offers unforgettable views, great mountain trails and plenty of activities for the whole family. Regardless of the season, everyone will find something of interest and delight in the Tatra beauty. Coming to the Tatras and visiting Morskie Oko is a guarantee of unforgettable impressions and unique moments spent in the heart of the Polish mountains.


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