Krupówki is one of the most famous streets in Poland, and the heart of Zakopane – the pearl of the Tatra Mountains. It is a place that attracts both domestic and foreign tourists – including often guests of our Villas 🙂 . Spanning more than 1 kilometer, Krupówki is a place that cannot escape the attention of any visitor to this charming city.


The history of this street dates back to the early 19th century. It was originally a clearing called Krupowa, named after the Zakopane family of Krupa. At that time a route led here, through which highlanders, among meadows and marshes, followed to work in ironworks located in Kuźnice. Along the tract, a small highland village was established over time, whose development accelerated thanks to the visitors and mountain lovers who came here. Krupówki was the local commercial and social center and, with the development of tourism, began to transform into one of Zakopane’s most important arteries.


Between Gubałówka and Giewont


Krupówki Street is located in the very center of Zakopane, between two hills – Gubałówka and Giewont. Their location means that the street offers incredible views of the surrounding Tatra Mountains, adding even more charm to this picturesque place. Walking along the street, you can admire the characteristic Zakopane architecture, where wooden highlander houses combine with modern boutiques, restaurants and cafes.


It is on Krupówki Street that there are many attractions that attract tourists from all over the world. Here you can find numerous stores offering regional products, traditional highlander clothing, handicrafts and souvenirs. In addition, Krupówki is famous for its rich gastronomic offer, which delights gourmets with a variety of traditional dishes and regional specialties. Walking down the street, one can also come across street artists who enrich the atmosphere of the place with their skills.

Krupówki – the famous street of Zakopane


Krupówki Street is of great importance to Zakopane and the entire Tatra region. The street is becoming an area for meetings, integration and cultural exchange. Krupówki is not only a place for shopping, but also an arena for various cultural events, such as concerts, festivals, fairs and shows of highland folklore. It is a place where tourists can feel the authentic atmosphere of highland culture and tradition.


A visit to Krupówki is an unforgettable experience that allows you to discover the beauty and charm of Zakopane. It is a place that bustles with life all year round and always offers something unique to each visitor. Regardless of the season, a stroll through Krupówki makes a person sink into the atmosphere of a mountain town and take pleasure in the picturesque views, local cuisine and friendliness of the locals.


Krupówki is not only a famous street in Zakopane, it is a place that will always be associated with the charm and magic of this city.

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