Highland parade

Last Sunday of 25th of February we went to Zakopane to see Kumoterki during Gazda Parade. It is an event that takes place every year in the mountains, every weekend in a different commune. It was beautiful, sunny though frosty day. Mulled wine helped to survive minus 14 degrees :). On the spot you could also have a cup of tea and eat something warm. The event began with a sled run judged by the jury in several categories. The following was assessed: race and laying of horses, harness, sledging and driving. Beautiful horses of various colors, wonderful highland costumes, and hand-painted or carved sleighs. There was something to look at and listen to because the highlanders also sang 🙂

The next point of the event was a time trial in competitions: kumoterki, skiring or skier riding behind a horse without a rider and ski – skiring (a skier behind a horse with a rider).

Kumoterki – this is a race in a two-person sledge in Podhale by a highlander couple. While the kumoter is driving, his highlander called ‘baba’ must balance the sledge so that together they do not make accidents from the sleigh. Kumorek’s races were entered on the national UNESCO list. The first post is production and playing on goat, or bagpipes.

Skiring- is the general name for sports from Scandinavia and they consist in riding a skier pulled behind a horse. Skiskiring is a skier behind a horse with a rider.

Below photo report of Kumoterki in Zakopane 🙂



If you are interested in history of skiing you will find more information here.

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