Winter in Zakopane

Zakopane as a winter capital of the Tatras is a very popular destination for spending the winter holidays. A wide range of attractions for both adults and children attracts a lot of tourists from year to year. Beautiful views of the Tatras, many ski lifts for beginners and advanced skiers and evenings accompanied by highlander live music are just some of the factors of Zakopane’s popularity during the holidays.
Every year, the Ski Jumping World Cup takes place in Zakopane. The first competition started in 1980 in which the Pole Stanisław Bobak won, and the day later – Piotr Fijas. This year, a team competition and an individual competition will be held.

For active people we recommend winter sports like skiing, snowboarding or snowmobiles. From year to year, skituring is becoming more and more popular; getting to the tops in special skis called seals. This sport refers to the roots of skiing when skiing was used to move around the mountains. It is possible to distinguish three main trends in this sport: sprinters – professional sport, freeriders – downhill runs on pristine slopes and tourists – walking , active tourism. If you are interested on skiing history, you can find more  information about this sport here.

Zakopane for kids

During the winter holidays in Zakopane children can enjoy many attractions; Every year, under the Great Krokiew, the impressive Snowlandia ice complex is built, including: the Snow Castle, the Queen’s Palace, the Labyrinth, and many other facilities. We especially liked the Queen’s Castle; Beautiful ice and snow figures illuminated in blue made a big impression on us.

In addition, kids can also rent snow scooters in the mini version, as well as pontoons for which a special snow track is prepared.

Zakopane for winter holidays is a great idea for anyone looking for both relaxation and active recreation with beautiful views. We will help you choose the right ski lift or suggest how to spend an evening interestingly so that the vacation under the Tatras is remembered for a long time.


The location of the Villa allows easy access to many attractions from the region, including the best ski lifts and geothermal springs. With us you will visit the most beautiful places in Zakopane and the surrounding areas, eat at the best restaurants or learn about highlander culture. From winter attractions we can recommened sleigh rides with torches by the moonlight or relaxing in the sauna or in front of the fireplace. All these attractions can be found in our winter offer, which we are expanding with new attractions every year.

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