Easter in Zakopane


Easter is a special time for many Poles, who traditionally spend it with family. One of the popular places to celebrate this holiday are the Polish mountains, especially the city of Zakopane and its picturesque surroundings. Easter in Zakopane and the entire Podhale region is not only a time of joyful celebration, but also one of the most important holidays, which is manifested in a special way in our customs. Traditional Easter rituals in Podhale are a wealth of the region’s cultural and religious heritage.




The prelude to the solemn celebration of Holy Week is Flower (Palm) Sunday. In the old Podhale tradition, modestly decorated willow branches covered with basil, called “bazicks” by the highlanders, were prepared for this occasion. Stored then throughout the year at home, they were supposed to provide protection from misfortunes and ensure fertility. They were also used in traditional folk medicine. Today they are beautiful, richly decorated palms that often take part in competitions organized by local parishes.

Then, the Holy Week, full of preparations, is followed by the Saturday before Easter, associated with bringing the “święcelina” to church. Preparing and decorating Easter baskets is one of the most important elements of Podhale Easter culture. These baskets contain many symbolic products, such as eggs symbolizing life, a lamb of butter, oscypek, sausage, moskol, salt, or horseradish. The top of the basket is covered with a white linen tablecloth, on which branches of myrtle, willow or juniper are arranged.

Many highlanders then dress in their festive traditional costumes, which creates an unforgettable sight and a truly festive atmosphere. During Easter in Zakopane you can also see beautifully decorated churches and houses.

Tradition at Villa Gorsky

At Villa Gorsky we also honor this joyful tradition. We decorate our homes with ornaments and garlands. Our guests receive a cooked to be sacrificed “święcelina”, with which they can ride to church in a traditional cart – a fasiąg. Then, among their loved ones, they eat it at a joint Easter breakfast. On colder evenings, meanwhile, they can warm themselves in the warmth of a real fireplace and relax after a hearty supper.

The festive celebration ends with a “polewacka” on Easter Monday. This is a day especially looked forward to by the youngest and, in the past, by bachelors who, equipped with bulbs and pots, set out to pour water on the maidens they had decided to court.

Tourist attractions and nature during the Easter

In addition to traditional ceremonies, Zakopane also offers a wide range of tourist attractions. Don’t forget the beautiful landscapes that the mountains offer during Easter. At this time, when the snow begins to melt and nature awakens to life, the Tatra National Park becomes an ideal place for spring walks and excursions. Particularly popular are the countless purple crocuses leaning out from under the snow along the Chocholowska Valley. You can admire them not only on the trail, but also around our cottages, where crocuses share space on the lawn with snowdrops and daffodils.

On the slopes you can still go skiing or sledding, and in the city you can visit numerous tourist attractions, such as the Tatra Museum and the Stanislaw Marusarz Wielka Krokiew ski jump.

All these elements make Easter at the foot of the Tatra Mountains a time full of attractions and unforgettable experiences. That is why it is worth spending it with us.

We cordially invite you 🙂


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