Where to go for the long weekend in May? Picnic in Zakopane

It’s getting warmer and the sun is with us longer. Due to the upcoming long weekend, the question naturally arises where to go for a picnic? So we hurry with help and good advice – our Villa Gorsky houses in Poronin, right next to Zakopane, are the best for a picnic 🙂 We offer three very spacious luxurious wooden houses that combine traditional highlander style with elements of modern design, and one apartment. Each of the facilities is fully equipped and adapted to meet the high expectations of our guests. That is why we are open to visits of both smaller groups (couples or families with children) and larger groups (up to 20 people).

Take a break and start the barbecue season

A long weekend in May is a great time, which allows you to treat yourself to a moment of respite from work and everyday duties between the Christmas holidays and the summer vacation. This year’s calendar treated us decently. Therefore, those who allow themselves a day off (or the lucky ones who do not have to ask anyone’s opinion) have an extended four-day weekend at their disposal. Of course, we also invite you to stay longer 🙂

The long May weekend is a great opportunity to start the long-awaited barbecue season with a group of friends or family. Our garden with a view of the Tatra Mountains creates an ideal space for this. In the garden, there are two brick barbecues and one wooden grill house with a comfortable table and benches inviting you to a spring feast.

The Tatras in May for nature lovers and hikers

In the vicinity of the winter capital of our country, May greets us with fresh, cheerful colors and singing birds. For many nature lovers, May is a perfect time to welcome spring, which in this period shows its full beauty in the Tatras. In the area of lower mountain meadows to the area of alpine meadows called pastures, you can meet short-stemmed gentian blooming with azure flowers, for which the Tatra Mountains are the only place of occurrence in Poland. We can also easily see the light purple flowers of the Carpathian Urchin (from the primrose family), which is a plant endemic to the Western Carpathians, including the Tatra Mountains.

The conquerors of the peaks must remember that May in the Tatras will welcome us in spring in the valleys and lower parts of the mountains, but in the higher areas, winter still does not forget about itself. For such trips, you will need warm clothes and even specialist climbing equipment. We remind you that the route for the May expeditions should be selected according to your skills, condition and experience. Before coming to us, it is worth getting ready for any weather, and before going to the mountains – it is obligatory to check its detailed forecast.

The Chochołowska, Strążyska or Kościeliska Valley will be ideal for a recreational walk, when we want to get a little tired (but without exaggeration). Amazing views (but it’s really amazing) will also be ensured by a trip to Rusinowa Glade. For trips to slightly higher areas, closer to the heart of the Tatra Mountains, e.g. Hala Gąsienicowa, with a mandatory stop at the Murowaniec shelter, or to the Valley of Five Ponds, we suggest warmer clothes and appropriate footwear. Certainly, trekking poles will not hurt either. Expeditions to the higher parts of the mountains will be safer during the holidays – the mountains will not run away, and we invite you all year round 🙂

We will gladly advise you on which route to choose and where to start your trip. Of course, it is also worth remembering about the possibility of using the services of a Tatra guide.

Relax in Villa Gorsky and the surrounding area

Zakopane and its surroundings also have a wide range of attractions. Visiting numerous highlander taverns, or walking through the Krupówki Street surrounded by souvenir stands or the Gubałówka market is also a real challenge 🙂 Therefore, you should visit the thermal baths that we have in the area in abundance. However, without having to leave the house, we can relax in the sauna, in the hot tub or in the warmth of the fireplace at home.

You’re welcome 🙂

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