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A new, cozy 130 m2 house has been added to our offer of luxury houses, located right next to our Villa Gorsky. In a picturesque place, away from the hustle and bustle and crowds, we offer you unique interiors in a style that combines tradition with modern elegance. Derived from the architecture of the Podhale region, carved pine slats, log walls, or decoratively braided woolen (filling between the boards) blend beautifully with black steel, natural stone and warm fabrics.

The house consists of a spacious, cozy living room with a fireplace and comfortable sofas, a kitchen with a dining area and 4 comfortable bedrooms. The living room is open to the kitchen and the dining area to the east, thanks to which beautiful morning light flows into the interior. The original fireplace, with a stone base and an openwork top structure, makes the heat from the fireplace spread throughout the house, and the interior acquires a unique character. Kitchen fronts made of old, burnt boards add a rustic character to the kitchen. The kitchen is equipped with the necessary equipment and allows you to cook comfortably for a larger group. In addition to the standard equipment, there was also a coffee machine, toaster and spices. Floor heating and strong insulation of the house make the house very warm and therefore energy-saving.


Comfortable rooms


Cottage in Zakopane

We wanted each room to be unique, original and unique. Comfortable and cozy rooms will allow you to fully relax and unwind. Each room has its own bathroom. What they all have in common are beautiful, made-to-measure, quilted headboards, antique furniture on legs, and glass, hanging lamps. Good sleep is an indispensable element of relaxation, which is why we paid great attention to the design of the beds – continental, made to order, with a mattress placed at a height of at least 60 cm. This solution, known from 5-star hotels, makes sleeping and getting up very comfortable. We made sure that each bed does not run out of comfortable pillows (with the option of replacing it with another filling, in the case of allergy sufferers), beautiful bedding and warm blankets. Elegant accessories such as sculptures, photo frames and jewelry boxes complete the whole. All rooms are very bright with large windows covering the entire wall. It is light that is one of the main factors of a beautiful interior.

Ergonomics is as important to us as the aesthetics of the interior, which is why the design was also refined in this respect. We have implemented many practical solutions to make your stay in a new home even more enjoyable. Specially designed beds with an opening flap make it possible to put the suitcase underneath. Thanks to this, there will be more space in the room. Well-located electric sockets or reading lights allow you to recharge your phone and relax with a book without leaving your bed. The layout of the rooms and their functionality was taken into account on a par with the aesthetics of the interior.

A luxurious house is also one in which there is no shortage of modern technologies such as Smart TVs that allow you to connect to a phone or tablet, of course with access to Netflix.


Bathrooms in each room


In each bathroom you will find beautiful stone sinks, large mirrors and tables with beautiful turned or milled legs. Each bathroom is unique and refers to the interior of the room. Additional equipment are bidets and toilets with a bidet function, fluffy towels and rain shower and a shelf for cosmetics. Lighting is an important element of the house; evening, romantic. An aspect that is often overlooked in the design of such houses and has a large impact on well-being. Several lighting options, including decorative ones, will allow you to match the room to the time of day or your mood. There was also night, discreet lighting.













A luxurious boutique house in Zakopane


Villa Gorsky-Hanco is a one-of-a-kind cottage. Inspirational interiors, a wonderful view of the Tatra Mountains and top-standard amenities – all this is within easy reach.

We design houses in which we would like to live ourselves; comfortable, cozy and close to nature. In our offer you will find many unique houses and apartments that differ in size, arrangement of rooms and decor. What they have in common is their love for Podhale tradition, architecture, craftsmanship and good design. The house complex ‘Ville Gorsky’ is the perfect place for people who want to get the best out of life.

*Interior design Anna Górska i Zdybel Wnętrza.

*The house can accommodate up to 11 adults and 2 older children. In the low season, it is possible to rent only a room. Travel cots are provided in the facility. A more detailed description of the bedrooms and equipment can be found here.

Luxurious cottage Zakopane – We create beautiful memories.


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