Chochołowska Valley

We decided to take a walk to Chochołow – a village located in the Black River valley, about 19 km from Zakopane. The center of the village is almost entirely built of mountain houses. Buildings fronts are facing the main road, but close enough next to the other. Neighbors can certainly look at the each other windows 🙂 Most of the houses were built at the end of the XIX century, however, they look new due to the local custom of washing with water and soap. Cleaning takes place twice a year; Easter and Corpus Christi. Since they cleaning only ground floor , in the two-storey buildings we can notice the difference in color between the floors. One of the houses deserves special attention -house 24, which was supposedly built from one fir tree. The village is under UNESCO patronage.

Then we went to Chocholowska Valley – very popular in the spring, when the fields are covered with thousands of beautiful crocuses. It is the largest valley in the Polish Tatras. It was here that the stage with a sleigh ride to the movie Deluge and one of Janosik’s episodes was shot. On the way you will find some lovely huts. The walk takes about 2 hours in one direction. In the Valley there are several old huts and a wooden chapel on the site. The hostel is located at the exit of the valley.
Remember that the mountains are much colder , snow is in many places. Good shoes are very important 🙂 Do not forget to dress warmly and take the sandwiches to the road.

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