New Year’s day traditions

New years eve zakopane

The highland New Year’s day celebrations are still vivid in Podhale. New Year’s Eve is fast approaching, we decided to tell you about our highland customs related to the New Year;

New Year Visit

On January 1, life was laid down to bring health and all well-being. It’s good that the first guest is a man.  In the New Year, otherwise called ‘New Summer’, children also used to visit their godparents to wish them all the best. Usually they got gifts in exchange. From this habit a popular saying in the mountains, “children after the New Year.” On this day, it was possible to refuse to snack, so poorer children also visited the villagers.

Baking bread

On the first of January in Podhale, as in the Kurpie region, bread in the shape of animals was baked, which people gave each other. It was believed that bread is an amulet that has the power to fight evil, disease or misfortune.

Guarantee of prosperity

It was believed in Podhale that pockets full of small coins would provide plenty for the New Year. They were also thrown into a bowl of water used for the evening bath. It was also customary to carry porphyry shells from Christmas Eve carp in order to ensure financial success.

Kneading butter

Housewives did not wash the dishes for last three days of carnival, then poured slops into the churn. After thoroughly rinsing, they poured them out as soon as they believed that the butter would be made: as soon as people rush to inns.

The New Year’s day is associated not only with ending year party, but also with superstitious customs and local beliefs. Each region of Poland has its own New Years customs. Cultivated from generation to generation, they are part of the culture and traditions of the region.

We wish all our guests happiness in the New Year.

Tatra Mountains festival

The Mountain Folklore Festival starts from 16 August in Zakopane. It was already the 50th edition. Every year, many bands from around the world came to present their dance skills; these included dance groups from: Bulgaria, Hungary, Russia, Slovenia, Spain, the USA, Turkey, Italy, Slovakia, Slovakia, India, Macedonia and a few from Poland. All bands fight for ‘golden, silver and brown ciupiagi’ in several categories (traditional, stylized and artistically trained). On the Sunday march everyone has the opportunity to see all the bands participating in the event.

During national days it was possible to taste regional cuisine, learn to sing or dance and for children prepared workshops and many other attractions

In addition to performances in the festival spring, you could also see beautiful and unique hand-made instruments, an exhibition of photographs and purchase souvenirs at regional stands during the Folk Art and Art Craft fair. In the program of the festival you could also see the Podhale Carriage Championship, the Podhale Sheepdog Exhibition, or the Competition of Polish Folk Bands, Instrumentalists and Singers. On. Trebuni Tutki.

The festival is also accompanied by the opening of the reputed – Center for Native Culture located in the historic villa “Czerwony Dwór”

The final concert is held along with the award ceremony, in which 15 competition bands from around the world participate, as well as teams participating in accompanying concerts, including the winners of the ‘Golden Ciupagi’ from previous years.

The event is not only an attraction for tourists but it is also important for highlander community; the festival is an opportunity to meet, dance or sing together. The Zakopane competition is now a world-renowned folklore event. About 600 foreign teams and over 200 Polish groups took part in previous editions.

Tatra Mountains

This Tatra Mountains festival  is an important point on the August calendar in Zakopane. This unique event attracts crowds of tourists to Zakopane every year. Thanks to the performances, we can meet highlanders from around the world; their tradition, dancing and singing costumes and even the kitchen.

Holidays in Zakopane are slowly coming to an end. The weather this year was good and the festival was a great summary of the holiday season in Podhale. We can not wait for the next edition.

Christmas cottage


Christmas in the Tatra Mountains is wonderful; snow squeaks under the feet, beautiful patterns created on the windows or crackling wood in the fireplace. It’s a time full of  family atmosphere; sleigh rides, sipping mulled wine and watching movies firm childhood. It is a wonderful time worth spending in our Polish mountains. We invite you for a holiday week in our cozy Villa Gorsky cottage. The house is located in the beautiful village of Poronin surrounded by forests, near Zakopane. This is one of the best locations: for a ski, termal pools or trip to Zakopane whitch gets very crowded during winter season. Richly carved, typically regional cottage, decorated with a modern taste, special room with bathtub and  dedicated room for children. Spending this special time with us, you can count on a warm, family atmosphere, smile and help in organizing attractions for winter days and evenings.

In the cottage there is everything that is necessary for a comfortable and enjoyable stay in the mountains: cozy rooms, sauna for warming up, and a spacious living room that can accommodate all household members. Home-cooked meals made to order from local restaurants will not make you want to cook. We also have a special place dedicated to hanging up the skis. For children, we have a special meeting with Santa Claus, who will take care of giving presents and creating a cheerful mood. In Villa you can also buy beautiful wooden hand-made products for the kitchen and toys for Christmas. In addition, in the close vicinity you can taste and buy traditional oscypki (cheese) and regional products, eggs or fresh milk for breakfast. There are many good regional restaurants in the area. If necessary, we are happy to help – we live next door.

Christmas Cottage offer

This year we have two offers:




-horse sleigh with fire and snacks
-Santa visit

More information you can find in our Christmas cottage offer or by phone+48 534 480 254

Our house is a dream place for a family Christmas in the mountains. We invite you to warm up at our fireplace, get to know the highland tradition, taste cuisine and enjoy the festive atmosphere with your loved ones. For those who want to enjoy a real white Christmas, rest from the preparation of Christmas Eve or dressing up as Santa, we propose to spend this period in our Christmas Cottage.


Polish Christmas

Christmas is getting closer and closer. As every year, we dream about snow-white family holidays. We can not wait to decorate the Christmas tree, taste delicious dishes and open the presents. But what is the most important we are waiting for these few magical days to spent with family and loved ones.

Polish Christmas Traditions

Polish Christmas in Zakopane are magical. Snow-covered streets, beautiful decorations and sleigh rides with torches. With every traditional inn you can hear highlanders’ singles, see traditional dancing and taste hot wine. There is a unique Christmas atmosphere.

Each region of Poland has its own Christmas customs, in Tatra Mountains we also have our own Christmas traditions;

Christmas precedes Advent, in which according to tradition one should not eat meat and fats and only use milk for dishes. Alcohol is also banned. In the past, these were usually strictly observed, today a little less.

As underlined by Stanisław Łukaszczyk from Murzasichle, a neighbour with us, in the highlander tradition the first guest of Christmas Eve should be a man. On this festive day, you should also not borrow fools or money. The custom of decorating and setting a Christmas tree came to the mountains together with the first tourists who lived in Zakopane. Similarly, in Podhale there was no habit of eating fish.

Polish Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is the most important night of the year. Many of the customs that apply to this day are related to marriage; Girls after the dinner run to the pigsty, and then move the door three times. It is believed that depending on how many times the pig will make a sound, in so many years the girl will get married. According to the custom, girls also throw bone or calf legs at the same time and then they call the dog. This girl whose bone will catch the first animal will lose innocence. Another way to tell about getting married is by bringing wood. After counting the pieces, an even number means a husband. After eating dinner and going outside, you should shout. From the side from which the voice will bounce or the dog will speak – her future husband will come.

The number of stars in the sky during Christmas Eve symbolizes for the housewives , a multitude of eggs next year. The hosts are also looking at the sky this evening. For them, empty sky means empty tables, while clouds mean good years.

The family sits down to supper when the first star appears in the sky. In the highland tradition, ‘the gazda’ (host) brings to the room a sheaf of hay that he puts next to the table. After the Sunday of the Three Kings, the sheaf was threshed, and the seed was used for the first sowing.


On the Christmas Eve table there should be 12 dishes and one additional covering was prepared for an unexpected guest. During this special evening, you can not run out of hay under the tablecloth – the symbol of the birth of Jesus in a stable; a sheaf of grain located in the corner of the room, which will ensure full yield for the new year, and branches of fir protecting from bad powers. For the fir to work, it must have the shape of a cross.
The supper begins with host breaking the wafer with the others and giving them wishes. The remains of dishes after supper are given to animals. Hay, which is under the tablecloth, is added to the daily cattle feed, “which would hide well.” On this day you can not argue so that the whole year is calm. This is also the day when the housekeeper puts flax on all the spindles in the house, so that the whole year has something to spin. At midnight, everybody must go to the Midnight Mass, which is a solemn Holy Mass in highlander setting. At Christmas, you can not visit others or do any work. The visit is about the next day, on St. Stephen’s feast. Until the Three Kings it is a time of common caroling by children who, dressed up, knock on the door of houses and sing Christmas carols.

Holiday Cottage

Holidays at Villa Gorsky are wonderful experience. Interiors beautifully decorated with decorations, crackling wood in the fireplace and snowy fields and meadows. As every year, we invite you to spend this family Christmas with us. Many attractions await guests  as sleigh ride with torches ending with a bonfire and regional delicacies. A Christmas Eve supper is prepared for guests during with Santa Claus presents gifts to children. You can find our offer here

Long weekend-may

The first longer warm weekend before the holidays is getting closer. After a snowy winter and rainy spring, we are waiting for the long May weekend. Taking three days off you can get up to 9 days of holiday! Sunny weather, beautiful nature with blooming trees and flowers, and relax in the garden. What more could you want? Below are a few our suggestions for spending a weekend in Zakopane.


Weekend starts the grilling season.  Omnipresent aromas of grilled delicacies, joyful conversations and tapping glasses with drinks. These are the signs of a picnic. In our garden you will find a great barbecue house with a real fireplace and a large table, where all the prepared dishes will fit without fear. The house is closed so even a cold evening will not finish the meeting prematurely. For fans of outdoor grilling, we can offer a comfortable fireplace for grilling and stumps. In order to prepare traditional dishes for a barbecue, we propose our traditional, regional dishes in the grill version like oscypek with cranberries or moskol with garlic sauce and for drinking we offer highlander tinctures that can be bought just around the corner.


Picnic is a unique opportunity to recharge your batteries after the winter. Holiday full of food, music and friends. There is no better way to relax. A large terrace with a comfortable relaxation suite with a view of the Polish and Slovak Tatras is great for evening meetings. At your request , we can organize a musical setting with real highlander band with traditional songs, which will make every family meeting more pleasant.

Bicycle trip – architecture trip

With the warmer days, we can observe more and more bikes in the area. Near Villa there is a bicycle rental, we will help you organize an unforgettable bike ride with beautiful views of the Mountains. We recommend taking picnic baskets with blankets and snacks for such an expedition. So prepared you can go on a day trip and break a picnic in an outdoor mountain nook. Bike is a simple way to have fun, explore the area from a different perspective and improve the condition before summer. A cycling expedition can also be combined with visiting local monuments. In the area there are several bicycle routes where you can admire the pearls of local architecture; old churches, traditional highlander houses or charming roadside chapels.

Jazz spring

This is already the 16th edition of the jazz festival in Zakopane, which will take place on 26/04 5/05/1/09. The event is co-organized by partners from several European cities as; Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The festival will start with a concert of gospel music, which will be played by Polish band Ewa Uryga & Opole Gospel Choir and from the United States – The Jackson Singers. The main stage will be located on Dolna Równia Krupowa, but the concerts will also be played throughout the city in pubs, churches, hotels or Teatrim Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz. During the festival there will also be a congress of old cars. Jan Ripper.


In our offer you will find a spacious, boutique Villa and a beautiful apartment for couples. We guarantee a great atmosphere, beautiful, unique interiors and many attractions. Zakopane for a weekend is always a good choice. Architecture, climate and rest in the blossom of nature is a guarantee of a pleasant stay. We invite you for a picnic to Zakopane.

Winter in Zakopane

Zakopane as a winter capital of the Tatras is a very popular destination for spending the winter holidays. A wide range of attractions for both adults and children attracts a lot of tourists from year to year. Beautiful views of the Tatras, many ski lifts for beginners and advanced skiers and evenings accompanied by highlander live music are just some of the factors of Zakopane’s popularity during the holidays.
Every year, the Ski Jumping World Cup takes place in Zakopane. The first competition started in 1980 in which the Pole Stanisław Bobak won, and the day later – Piotr Fijas. This year, a team competition and an individual competition will be held.

For active people we recommend winter sports like skiing, snowboarding or snowmobiles. From year to year, skituring is becoming more and more popular; getting to the tops in special skis called seals. This sport refers to the roots of skiing when skiing was used to move around the mountains. It is possible to distinguish three main trends in this sport: sprinters – professional sport, freeriders – downhill runs on pristine slopes and tourists – walking , active tourism. If you are interested on skiing history, you can find more  information about this sport here.

Zakopane for kids

During the winter holidays in Zakopane children can enjoy many attractions; Every year, under the Great Krokiew, the impressive Snowlandia ice complex is built, including: the Snow Castle, the Queen’s Palace, the Labyrinth, and many other facilities. We especially liked the Queen’s Castle; Beautiful ice and snow figures illuminated in blue made a big impression on us.

In addition, kids can also rent snow scooters in the mini version, as well as pontoons for which a special snow track is prepared.

Zakopane for winter holidays is a great idea for anyone looking for both relaxation and active recreation with beautiful views. We will help you choose the right ski lift or suggest how to spend an evening interestingly so that the vacation under the Tatras is remembered for a long time.


The location of the Villa allows easy access to many attractions from the region, including the best ski lifts and geothermal springs. With us you will visit the most beautiful places in Zakopane and the surrounding areas, eat at the best restaurants or learn about highlander culture. From winter attractions we can recommened sleigh rides with torches by the moonlight or relaxing in the sauna or in front of the fireplace. All these attractions can be found in our winter offer, which we are expanding with new attractions every year.

New Year’s Eve Zakopane

New Year's Eve Zakopane

Zakopane – chalet

Preparations for New Year’s Eve begin a few weeks earlier. For many, this is the most important event of the year. Some people are looking for crazy fun, others will spend time with their family watching a fireworks display and a TV report from the New Year’s concert. Regardless of your preferences, we invite you to spend New Year’s Eve with us. We offer a beautiful, large house with a spacious living room, fireplace and 6 bedrooms. Each uniquely designed, the villa has three floors, the area is 270 m2. Living room with a beautiful fireplace and comfortable sofas is the heart of the house. The facility also has a sauna that will help you relax after an active day on the ski slope. There are many ski lifts and restaurants near the Villa. We can also organize a sleigh ride with burning torches, and bonfire witch many specialties of traditional cuisine.

New Year’s Eve Zakopane

Each Year a Big New Year’s Eve concert is planned for Zakopane with many pop stars invited. For other attractions, we recommend geothermal thermal springs,  snow cradle complex for children “Tatrolandia”, numerous ice rinks and Husky sledges. New Year’s Eve in Zakopane is unique. Every year, we welcome more and more guests wanting to enjoy the atmosphere and attractions of the winter capital of the Tatra Mountains. Everyone will find something for themselves. Plenty of attractions for children and families will ensure rest and activities for the youngest. If you are looking for a cottage for rent for New Year’s Eve – our offer is for you. As every year, we invite you to spend New Year’s Eve with us. During New Year’s Eve, the house is rented for 7 nights. Please find more information about offer here.

Spa day – Zakopane

We have a beautiful, warm autumn this year. The temperature during the day matches that in the holidays and sunny days allow for a lot of outdoor activities. Only cold evenings remind us of autumn.To relax after a busy vacation, we decided to visit our new partner offering an unusual spa package. It was a romantic bath in the Beer Spa in Zakopane. This place offers two-person stays, in several packages about which you can find out directly on the Spa website. It is also possible to organize a stag or hen night, or even an engagement.

Spa package

We had a choice of bathing in beer, wine and goat’s milk. Baths using these ingredients have been used in bathhouses since time immemorial. Both beer and wine as well as milk are known for their medicinal properties. We chose the first option because of its popularity. Beer baths are popular not only among men but also ladies who appreciate the health and beauty effects on the complexion and well-being. The skin after this treatment becomes rejuvenated, brightened, the bath also has a good effect on the blood circulation. Our package begins with a 10 minute stay in the infrared sauna. This type of screening is recommended for people suffering from back pain, joint disease, discopathy, peripheral circulation disorders or post-traumatic conditions of the musculoskeletal system. It also has a good effect on patients with diabetes or obesity. The treatment prepares the skin for further rituals; it will absorb more nutrients. Such a sauna is also a great option for those who do not like high temperatures in dry saunas. The next stage was a bath in a wooden log with the addition of beer, during which we could also choose several regional beers for tasting. The tub was equipped with hydromassage equipment.

The water was beautifully highlighted in green which refers to chromotherapy or color treatment. It has been known since ancient times, where the effect of colors on the well-being or life energy of a person was noticed. Color therapy is currently used in unconventional medicine. While waiting for the last stage of the Spa session, which was a relaxing massage of the whole body, we lounged on a bench lined with hay.


Beer Spa in Zakopane is a great option to relax and spend romantic moments together. The spa is also perfect for improving your mood during the upcoming autumn days. The interiors are cozy, everywhere is dim and the only light is candles and illuminated water in logs. Relaxing music in the background completes the romantic atmosphere. Friendly service, unusual relax and rejuvenating treatments and would definitely recommend use of their services. We have had great spa days in Zakopane. For the guests of our Villa we have prepared discount vouchers for two-room stays.

Christmas Holidays

Christmas in a holiday cottage in a middle of Tatra mountains surrounded by friends, family and loved ones… what could possibly be better idea to spend Christmas?

Spending Christmas holidays in a cozy, beautiful highlander houses is a perfect way to celebrate this special time of the ear away from your home.
Our highlander, cozy cottage is very spacious, offering countryside living and wonderful views from the windows. Perfect for families looking for a rural retreat yet within easy access to Zakopane town. Located in a rural area in the heart of beautiful village of Poronin , with many local restaurants and shops. This is a great starting point to explore Tatra Mountains. There is many family-friendly attractions near by, architectural monuments, winter or summer sports are all close at hand.

 Holiday cottage


The living room area is the perfect space to relax after spending active day exploring city. Comfy seating with view on the fireplace will quarantine great evening. Also, on the same floor is kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and weranda entrance.  Heading back outside and across the garden, you will find BBQ house, fire pit and kids. The kitchen is equipped with a oven, microwave, fridge, toster, hob, fridge and coffee machine to enjoy a morning coffee. On the ground floor there is one beautiful designed bedroom with bathtub and sinks and separate bathroom. On the second floor are a further 3 comfortable bedrooms and bathroom. Completing the accommodation is the sauna and ski room.

There is a private off-road parking for many cars.


Perfect for Christmas getaway, you can enjoy festive time in a beautiful and fairy tail scenery of Polish tatra Mountains. Whether you are looking for luxury spacious Villa or a cozy cabin you will find what you need in our collection of luxury houses.

Our Christmas holiday offer including beautiful houses, great location and great family atmosphere with many activities possible.


Easter Holidays

Easter is a special time of the year. Usually, we spend it with family or friends. There are many wonderful traditions and customs in Podhale, which are passed down from generation to generation. Many of them are practiced today. Pre-Christmas Easter begins with a big fast on Ash Wednesday. As the president of the Podhalan Union in Kościelisko recollects, Anna Nędza-Kubiniec, the housewives in that day were brewing pots and spreading them with ashes. One of the traditions was walking with ‘śmierztecką’. On Palm Sunday ,Bazicki’ is brought to the church –  willow twigs with catkins; decorated with bows, paper or myrtle are a symbol of new life. Once they were believed to have magical properties; the animals were petted with branches to be healthy and the basal ‘kitties’ were eaten to have a healthy throat. They were also hung over the door to protect property from misfortunes. It was also customary for ‘gazda'(house host) to put the base along with the mosquito during the plowing to ensure fertile crops. In many parishes, competitions for the most beautiful palm are organized on that day.

Easter holidays in Zakopane

Big Thursday is a day of silence. The bells do not ring – which will only be played on Saturday. You can hear wooden door knockers. On that day, there was the ‘execution’ of the straw effigy that represented Judas. It was burned or fused.

Big Friday; just before sunrise people were bathing in the river to ensure health and beauty. Animals were also sprinkled with the water. Women after cutting a lock of hair washed their heads in the river. It was believed that it would provide healthy beautiful hair.

Housewives produced butter used especially for diseases. It was a day of strict fasting, it was forbidden to work especially in jobs requiring nailing, breaking or abrasion. The exception were the smiths who forged three nails that nailed the door of the workshop. It was a reminder of the death of Christ.

Holy Saturday is the day of preparing the Easter basket. In the past , a woolen bag was used now a wicker basket. Beautifully decorated basket with embroidered serviette and boxwood; Colorful eggs, sausage, oscypek (cheese) or bread, salt or chansan are just some of the products in the basket. Eggs are colored with onion shells which give them a beautiful burgundy color. The butter in the shape of a lamb is formed in a special mold made of wood for butter. The devoted products will be used for the Sunday Christmas breakfast. After returning from the church, the house was formerly celebrated 3 times, repeating aloud: Run away from the house, because I’m walking with the Saints, big house!

Sunday is a very festive day, spent together. On that day, the church was also circled three times; It was believed that witches can only do it once. The best highland costumes are chosen for the church. There is a mood of joy.

Easter Monday, or “Polewacka” is a day in which it was not easy to stay dry because in Podhale there is still the habit of pouring water. The girls are especially fond of girls by bachelors. The more wet they were, the more successful it was also poured from watering cans or pots, or even thrown into rivers or wells. There was, however, a way to buy yourself from getting wet – vodka, cake or a sacred egg.

Easter Chalet

Spend Easter holidays in our beautiful decorated Villa. Below are some photos and easter offer:

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